12 SEO strategies for 2018

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12 SEO strategies for 2018

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SEO companies in Leeds 12 SEO Strategies for 2018 

Here we look at 12 strategies SEO companies in Leeds will be using in the coming year.

Google Mobile

Ensuring your website is mobile friendly is paramount. Your ranking can be different from one to the other. You obviously want to achieve as high a ranking as possible on both but as long as you are aware they vary you can optimize for both formats to the best of your ability.


Being owned by Google it is inevitable YouTube will play more and more a part in the rankings of websites. Many of the SEO companies in Leeds have swiftly latched onto the fact that video is also classed as one of the highest quality contents, so having video on your site which is linked to YouTube will rank highly in Googles eyes.

Social media

Having presence on the social media platforms is a must. No Contract SEO companies in Leeds are fully aware that people who use online services will are almost definitely have at least one social media account. It has been noted that how well a business doing on social media may well become more of a factor in how well a business ranks in searches. Also a lot of searching is done on Facebook etc so having a social media page will help your business regardless.

Website speed

No one wants to wait for anything these days. Ask any of the current SEO companies in Leeds about website speed and they will tell you the same. A website that takes even a split second too long people are going back in their browser and selecting the next website to try and find what they want faster. Google takes this into account clearly making user experience a priority. So making sure your website is loading quick and the content is there when customers want it is worth it.

Quality not quantity

Again more based on the quality of the website. It’s almost worth thinking of a search engine as a person, maybe along the lines of “If they read this will they want to continue reading?” If the answer is yes then you’re onto a winner. Maybe an obvious point but it’s got to make sense too, not just throw key phrases and words in there. It will get found out eventually and rankings will drop.

Revamp old articles

There’s nothing wrong with using what you already have. SEO companies in Leeds know you need keep your website neat and refreshed. Re-use past content and update it to bring it to the here and now. This shows you care about your website and what is on it for potential customers. Search engines will recognise this and use it to boost your ranking.

More words

A massive yet under used method is just getting plenty of content on your page. As long as it’s relevant of course. Search engines like a lot of words on website pages so it’s worth putting that initial bit of extra time in to get some high quality relevant content on your pages. This is where some of the SEO companies in Leeds excel. 

Voice searches

This is something SEO companies in Leeds picked up on in the early stages. Voice searching is clearly  still in its earlier stages but with the new home devices becoming increasingly popular like Amazon Echo and Google Home these are only going to have an impact on search results and your website. This will mean that your keywords are no longer just words and will mean more long tail words or phrases being used. This should be taken more and more into consideration as the world evolves more towards voice searches.

Regular audits

Simple really, just ensuring that your website is up to date and regularly crawled using SEO tools will help to keep you in the know about your website and if and why its ranking well or not. There’s plenty of options on the internet just choose one that you think suits your business the best. The best SEO companies in Leeds invest in the best technology to keep ahead in the game.

Link quality seo companies in leeds

Less quality links massively out do lots of poor quality links. You risk doing a lot of harm to your website and its ranking by linking back from poor domains. If you’re unsure about a website then it’s probably best to leave it and find another  trustworthy one. It will be worth the wait. 

Don’t forget bing etc

Whenever we think search we think Google but there’s still the other search engines with masses of potential customer therefore it’s still worth checking where your are ranking on there and making sure your doing as well on them. You might even be doing better so we mustn’t forget about these. 

User based

Every good ranking website will be user based. The basis of which SEO companies in Leeds work from is that search engines want people to have the best experience online. Being reliable, trustworthy and efficient are what matters most and this should be the basis of any good website.

There are many great SEO Companies in Leeds – Time to try one today?


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